Wax Myrtle

The Wax Myrtle is a flawless shrub that can be used to define property lines or accent a front patio.

Common Names: Southern Bayberry

Scientific Names: Myrica Cerifera

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This versatile and quick growing plant gives you many possibilities in your landscape. You can use this evergreen shrub to define property lines, accent a patio, create a privacy screen, or multiple other options. The Wax Myrtle on average will grow 6 – 12 feet and deliver an amazing fragrance to your landscape. Local animals will appreciate the smell and come to investigate. During the springtime you will find the wax myrtle produces inconspicuous flowers which are followed by clusters of fruit that mature in the fall and last through winter. These fruits have a high amount of wax, but birds will love them anyways. The wax in the fruits is originally how the wax myrtle gained its name, and once upon a time were used to create candles. These plants will thrive in full sun or partial shade and are also decently salt tolerant, making them a great choice for beach landscaping.

Plant Specifications

  • Evergreen
  • Cold tolerant
  • Salt tolerant
  • Not ideal for windy areas
  • Partial sun
  • Full sun

Landscape Uses

  • Hedge
  • Accent
  • Edging of pool or pond
  • Driveway
  • Backdrop for smaller plants
  • Privacy screen
  • Shade by patio or deck
  • Property border
  • Anchor for wildlife garden