Simpson’s Stopper

The Simpson’s Stopper provides colorful berries, evergreen leaves, and springtime flowering. This is a great versatile plant that can be a shrub or a small tree.

Common Name: Twinberry

Scientific Name: Myrcianthes fragrans

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If you want to bring joy to your landscape, the Simpson’s Stopper is the one to do it.  This plant attracts butterflies, mockingbirds, blue jays and cardinals, that will be sure to leave a smile on your face. During the springtime, you’ll find flowers, berries and evergreen leaves. The flowers are small white fragrant blossoms that appear on and off all year. Once the flowers bloom, they become bright red berries and a tasty little snack. There’s nothing that you won’t love about the Simpson’s Stopper! In addition to the wonderful benefits, they are also easy to maintain. This slow to moderate grower is great for the cold, salt tolerant and drought tolerant when established. Be sure to keep the Simpson’s Stopper in the sun or partial shade.

Plant Specifications

  • Slow to moderate growth
  • Sun to partial shade
  • Cold tolerant
  • Salt tolerant

Landscape Uses

  • Hedge
  • Anchor for mixed garden bed
  • Backdrop for smaller plants
  • Attract wildlife at a birdbath or bird feeder
  • Privacy or shade near pool, patio, or deck