Silver Buttonwood Bush

The Silver Buttonwood is a lush plant with distinguished silver colored leaves. Its unique color make a spectacular for accenting other  plants that have vivid colors.

Common Names: Buttonwood, Button Mangrove

Scientific Name: Conocarpus erectus

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The Silver Buttonwood will standout if you grow lively colored plants or bright looking flowers near it. This is because their silvery-gray color and velvety-soft leaves make it the perfect backdrop for colorful plants. The more sun you give the Silver Buttonwood, the more brilliant the silvery leaves will become, allowing you to create the backdrop you need. Put this plant near the seaside because it is salt tolerant and great in sandy soils.


Plant Specifications

  • Moderate to fast growth
  • Full to partial sun
  • Prefer warmer temperatures
  • Salt tolerant

Landscape Uses

  • Hedge
  • Backdrop for smaller plants
  • Along the edge of a driveway
  • Edging of a fence
  • Anchor for a mixed bed
  • Privacy hedge