Sea Grape

The Sea Grape is a native coastal Florida plant that that has a sweet surprise. When a female Sea Grape plant is ready it will produce sweet-tasting grapes that are edible for people, birds, and critters. Unfortunately, only female Sea Grapes produce fruit and there is no way to tell if you are buying a male or female. We recommend buying multiple plants to increase your chances of getting grapes.

Scientific Name: Coccoloba Uvifera

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This native coastal plant is versatile and adaptable to your landscape. The Sea Grape is tolerant of salt spray, droughtwind, and a number of different soil types, so there’s little hassle. This plant will settle into your landscape with ease. If you’re lucky, the Sea Grape might give you sweet surprise. During the late summer, female shrubs will produce fruit that resembles grapes that start out green and ripen to purple. When ripe, the fruit is very sweet. People, birds, and critters love the fruit. Unfortunately, male Sea Grapes do not produce grapes.

There’s no way to tell if you have a male or female sea-grape plant. We recommend purchasing multiple to increase your chances of getting grapes.

Plant Specifications

  • Moderate growth
  • Spread is anywhere from 6-8 feet tall and wide
  • Full or partial sun
  • Evergreen tropical shrub
  • Salt tolerant
  • Drought tolerant once established

Landscape Uses

  • Hedge
  • Windbreak
  • Privacy
  • Backdrop for smaller plants
  • Shade plant by patio
  • Anchor for wildlife