Pheonix Roebelenii

An elegant palm with a slender trunk and dense crown, the Phoenix Roebellini is a statement piece for any landscape.

Other common names: Dwarf Date Palm, Miniature Date Palm or Roebelin Palm

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The Pheonix Roebelenii is a smaller palm with a slender trunk. With growth up to 10 feet, this palm is composed of up to 100 narrow shiny leaflets and a dense crown. In addition to being grown as an indoor plant, you can also take it outside.  It’s great with full sun or partial shade.

The Phoenix Roebelennii is a delicate tropical plant that needs plenty of room to grow. When placed outside, the Roebelenni is best on balconies, terraces or backyards with shade.  When it comes to sunlight, it’s best to rotate the Roebellini as its leaves grow towards the sunlight.

Plant Specifications

  • Full sun
  • Partial shade
  • Grows up to 5-6 feet

Landscape Uses

  • Patio
  • Container plant
  • Anchor for garden