Oleander Calypso

Beauty is in the Oleander Calypso! This plant has stunning blossoms that vary from red to pink to white during warm seasons. The Oleander calypso will stop you in your tracks.

Scientific Name: Nerium oleander

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Beauty is in the Oleander Calypso! You can drive down any Southern Florida street and be dazzled by the Oleander Calypso. It has stunning blossoms that vary from deep red to hot pink to a gentle white during the warm seasons. With a history of growth and ease, the Oleander Calypso can tolerate cold weather and withstand high levels of pollution. One thing to mention is that these plants can often at times attract the Oleander Caterpillar. This is harmful because it can defoliate a shrub. It’s best to keep the Oleander Calypso away from the house, garage, fence, or pool cage to make the spot less enticing to the caterpiller.

Please note that these plants are poisonous, you don’t want to plant these near people or pets that may inject them.

Plant Specifications

  • Fast growing
  • Shrub
  • 8 – 15 feet tall
  • Moderately salt tolerant
  • Cold tolerant
  • Full sun
  • Poisonous

Landscape Uses

  • Hedge
  • Shrub
  • Privacy around a patio
  • Single yard specimen
  • Backdrop for smaller plants
  • Accent for garden beds
  • Away from house, people, and pets