The most versatile of accent shrubs for hedges or small trees. The Ligustrum is a stunning full color shrub with sweet smelling white flowers that blossom to purple berries.

Common Names: Privet, European Privet, Wild Privet

Scientific Name: Glossy Privet

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The Ligustrum is a shrub that has an attractive growth pattern that’s dense and full. In the spring it will bear sweet smelling white flowers that develop into purple berries. It’s great for privet hedges but can be a wonderful statement tree as well. A well maintained Ligustrum is perfect for formal landscapes or Oriental gardens. This plant adapts well to adverse conditions of drought, heat, cold, and salt spray. It has good winter hardiness and prefers partial shade to full sun.


Plant Specifications

  • Evergreen
  • Fast growth
  • Full to partial sun
  • Cold-tolerant

Landscape Uses

  • Single yard center piece
  • Hedge
  • Accent
  • Privacy around patio or pool cage
  • Driveway entrance
  • Camouflage for A/C or pool equipment
  • Shade by patio or deck
  • Backdrop for smaller plants