Japanese Blueberry

A majestic plant that combines tropical foliage with the whimsy of Christmas. The Japanese Blueberry is anything but ordinary. If you’re looking for a a beautiful accent tree, here it is!

Scientific Name: Elaeocarpus decipiens


The Japanese Blueberry is a beautiful accent tree that not many people know about. Its combination of tropical and Christmas are anything but beautiful. As an ornamental plant, the Japanese Blueberry stands out with its lush deep green foliage and Christmas tree like growth. Its narrow form fits almost anywhere, making it ideal for filling in spots small areas. The tree produces small white flowers in the spring and dark blue berries in the fall.

Plant Specifications

  • Full or partial sun
  • Slow growth
  • Cold hardy

Landscape Uses

  • Privacy screen
  • Lining a driveway
  • Backdrop for smaller plants
  • Entryway accent