Green Buttonwood Bush

The Green Buttonwood is an easy to grow plant with incredible coverage. Floridians will love this native plant for its versatility and distinct look.

Common Name: Mangrove shrub

Scientific Name: Concarpus erectus siriceus

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The Green Buttonwood Bush is your go to for coastal planting. It has high salt and drought tolerances and provides outstanding privacy. What sets apart the Green Buttonwood Bush from other plants is its dark green contrast. It’s perfect for Florida because its a resilient and strong plant. When the weather turns to extreme you can count on this plant to hold tight.  Full sun, high alkaline soil, and salty air are all ideal for the Buttonwood.

Plant Specifications

  • Easy to maintain
  • Fast growth
  • Full or partial sun
  • 3 Foot

Landscape Uses

  • Hedge
  • Backdrop for smaller plants
  • Privacy hedge or screen
  • Fence coverage
  • Along the driveway or sidealk