Foxtail Palm

Known for it’s charismatic fluffy palms, the Foxtail Palm will be a standout in your landscape.

Common Names: Fox Tail Palm, Wodyetia Palm

Scientific Name: Wodyetia bifurcata

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The first thing you notice on a Foxtail Palm is its leaves.  They are fluffy, elegant, and stylish exactly like a fox’s tail. These are available in single or multi-trunk varieties. They can grow up to 25 feet but anticipate over 30 feet at mature growth. The Foxtail Palm trunks are slender, gray and swollen at the base with leaf scars. Their crown grows 8-10 leaves that can be up to 8-10 feet wide.


Plant Specifications

  • Fast growth
  • Full sun
  • Moderate drought tolerance
  • Moderate salt tolerance
  • Self-cleaning (old fronds fall off)

Landscape Uses

  • Stand alone statement piece for landscape
  • Focal or anchor for plant bed
  • Elegant individual piece for landscape
  • Driveway lining
  • Property line
  • Accent near uncaged pool