Cocoplum Red Tip

This is a terrific hedge plant that produces small green leaves offset by red-tipped new growth. It is ideal as a privacy plant but also provides stunning color and great coverage to any area.

Common Name: Cocoplum

Scientific Name: Chrysobalanus icaco “red tip”

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The Cocoplum Red Tip is a great choice if you want an inconspicuous yet unique plant. It will provide a seaside look with a touch of  richness. This is because the leaves are a rounded shiny green that trickle into an elegant red tip. If that wasn’t enough for you, this plant will even leave you tiny gifts. When in bloom, the Cocoplum Red Tip produces an edible plum! The plum is pink and ripens to purple. The almond-flavored seeds can be roasted and eaten or crushed for use in cooking. This is an excellent plant for hedge shrubs or privacy plants.  It provides stunning color and great coverage to any area.


Plant Specifications

  • Evergreen
  • Shrub
  • Grows between 6-20 feet.
  • Produces a purple plum (great for people and for critters)
  • Full sun, moderate to light shade

Landscape Uses

  • Hedge shrub
  • Lining a sidewalk or driveway
  • Coverage along patio, pool, or deck
  • Camouflage AC unit or pool equipment
  • Great privacy plant
  • Accent for garden or palms