Clusia Guttifera

The Clusia Guttifera offers exotic texture and has low maintenance, making it an ideal match for South Florida residents.

Scientific Name: Clusia guttifera

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The Clusia Guttifera is an outstanding plant for your home if you want exotic texture with minimal upkeep.  Its leaves are thick and leathery and shaped like teardrops or paddles. These plants are sure to enhance the natural beauty of your home.  These are perfect as hedges, large accent plants or privacy plants. One of the best part of this plant is the maintenance. The Clusia requires very little maintenance and has a very high drought tolerance. This plant is also extremely salt tolerant making it ideal for any seaside home. On average these plants stay between 5-6 feet but can grow larger.

Plant Specifications

  • Salt-tolerant evergreens
  • Full sun or partial shade
  • On average, can grow between 14-16 feet tall and has a spread of 8-10 feet

Landscape Uses

  • Hedges
  • Privacy
  • Accent for fence or pool
  • Backdrop for smaller plants
  • Accent for driveway or sidewalk