Adonidia Palm (Single & Multi)

Known for it’s showy and highly ornamental palms, the Adonidia Palm is a staple for small landscapes.

Common Names: Christmas Palm

Scientific Name: Adonidia merrill

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When you look at the Adonidia Palm, you’ll think of Christmas. This is due to its festive fruit that blossoms around the winter holidays and provides an unmistakable look. This is how the Andonidia got its common name, as the “Christmas Palm”. The Adonidia is a showy, highly ornamental palm that works best in small landscape spaces. It has a green crown shaft and gray trunk with long full fronds. The Adonidia is self-cleaning. When the spent fronds fall off, they’re doing the hard work for you by cleaning themselves.

Single trunk Adonidia will work well for you anywhere because they don’t grow too large and aren’t quick to overwhelm. We have single and multi palms available.


Plant Specifications

  • Best without cold winds or frost
  • Slow growth
  • Average height of 12-15 feet
  • Moderately salt tolerant

Landscape Uses

  • Accent for house
  • Entryway shade or accent
  • Central anchor for small gardens or island beds
  • Tall pool cages
  • Accent patio container or pool plant
  • On each side of a driveway or long walkway